Hello!  My name is Gene, and I am a chronic over-eater.

I grew up in a family of over-eaters. From at least age 10, I was overweight, and by the end of May 2015, I had ballooned to 347 lbs.  I can’t say that I tried every diet out there, because I always knew fad diets were just that: fads, and no real path to permanent weight loss.

The only way (and you will hear me say this over and over again) to lose weight is to eat less than you have been and burn more calories than you have been.  Eat less, and exercise more.  There’s really nothing else to it: not time of day, not adding “secret” ingredients to your diet, not leaving out entire foods, not whether or not you drink water with your meal…  NOTHING else matters, other than eat less and exercise more.

(We’ll actually discuss in a week to come the fact that exercise, while good for you, is not actually a great weight loss tool…  in other words, eating less is really the entire “secret” to weight loss.)

I have tried, over the past 35 years, eating less and exercising more. I have been to Weight Watchers, which is an excellent program, but was not a permanent solution for me.  I have been angry, I have been hurt, I have been confident, I have been afraid.  Time and again, I have gone back to eating whatever I want, as much as I want.

For reasons still unclear to me, I have begun to lose weight. I’ll explain what happened in the weeks to come. There are tools I am using (like MyFitnessPal) that have absolutely contributed to my ongoing success, and in future posts I’ll explain what they are, how I use them, and why I believe they work for me.

I have searched, as my weight loss adventure has begun, to find others who are losing or have lost weight slowly.  I’m shooting to lose 1/2 lb a week, and as a result it will take about 7 years to get all 200 lbs I’d like to lose, lost.  My searches have turned up almost nothing.  If I’m looking to lose 30 lbs in 30 days, there’s an article and a video about that… but “lose 24 lbs in 365 days!” is apparently a headline nobody thinks will sell.

That’s what has pushed me to start this blog.  I can’t be the only one slowly taking in less calories than they had.  I can’t be the only one who might be inspired to start losing weight when reading about small, practical steps most anybody could take to improve their health. And, I can’t be the only one who doesn’t want to hear about grapefruit diets, white diets, or fasting diets.

Additionally, I want a record of what it will be like to move from a lifetime of morbid obesity to a healthy weight at age 52…  both to encourage myself along the way, and to be able to look back at the end and remember what I’ve been through.

You should find a new post from me every Tuesday, discussing my successes, my struggles, and my methods.

If you’re just passing through, I hope you’ll find at least one piece of practical advice or bit of encouragement to take with you.  If you’re joining me long-term on this journey: welcome!  Let’s do this.


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